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Sometimes a homeowner will apply for a permit after the work is already done. In many cases, the existing construction is not in line with building department requirements. When this happens, a variance is required. This can often be a difficult situation, because some variances are hard to obtain.

Rather than have to tear down or remove the existing addition to your home, E.L.I. can help you acquire a variance, when needed, for new and existing construction. By staying familiarized with the most up-to-date building codes of the Long Island area, we can aid in obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy for just about any structure. If modifications need to be made, we can help with that too - getting your home or building in line with town requirements and avoiding costly violations handed out by code enforcement.

Radius Maps For Nassau & Suffolk County Property

Required for certain variance hearings, radius maps are used to show property lines as well as proximity details. If you need one drafted, our expediter service can handle obtaining one for your property as well as applying to the board of appeals. Zoning data, footprint of structures, set back information and more can all be taken care of.

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Common Reasons For Needing a Variance

In many cases, you'll purchase a home with work done by a previous owner who didn't obtain a CO. Usually this is because the construction doesn't fall within the guidelines of that particular town or municipality. Reasons for getting a variance can include but are not limited to the following situations:

• Building too close to the surveyed property line.

• Construction beyond the scope of local specifications.

• The top of the building is too high from the ground.

• Zoning requirements are violated through the addition of certain types of living space (kitchen, bath, extra apartment, etc...)

What To Do If a Variance is Required

Obtaining a variance independently can be a long, costly scenario. Terence Connelly is experienced in the variance application and approval process, and can help expedite getting the CO's required to sell or buy your home. Contact him for a consultation at 631-772-4600, or email variance inquires to: connellyexpediting@gmail.com

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