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Whether you need a CO to get your property sold or need to address code enforcement issues, Expediting Long Island is your one-stop source for any of your building or property needs. Terence Connelly applies over 20 years of combined contracting and expediter experience to help you pass town inspections, attain variances, get your property surveyed, or obtain new and existing permits for your home.

If you're planning a new project, E.L.I. provides a fully licensed and insured building and design service. Sit down for a free consultation to plan the custom addition or dormer you've been dreaming of. For existing structures, Terence can help provide whatever certificates of occupancy you may need, including special permits and variances that will help satisfy local code enforcement regulations and get the town off your back for good.

Terry Connelly - Roof & Home Doctor

Terence Connelly, LI Expediter

Owner and operator of E.L.I., Terence Connelly began roof repair and contracting services by starting Roof Doctor in 1991. His contracting company, Home Doctor, soon followed. With over twenty years building and modifying homes in both Suffolk and Nassau county, Terence has experience in every aspect of Long Island's township-specific building codes.

Terry's friendly, hands-on style to helping you solve your permit or code enforcement problems has won him the admiration and respect of his many clients. His one-on-one personal approach to helping you legalize your home or structure allows you to relax, ridding yourself of the stress associated with passing your town inspection. Sit back and allow Expediting Long Island to confidently handle your building department problems for you.

NY Drawings

Floor Plans, And Drawings

Let the experienced professionals that E.L.I hires for their own projects draw up the perfect plans for whatever home project you need. From adding a deck or porch to building an entire extension, dormitory, or detached garage, Expediting Long Island will take care of all necessary permits, certificates of occupancy, and sign-offs required to get things done quickly.

More importantly, you can be assured the job will be done correctly too. Projects by the Home Doctor include everything from residental garage conversions to commercial designs for Pindar, Duckwalk and Jason's Vineyards. We specialize in customer service and take pride in creating an inter-personal relationship with those we serve, no matter how big or small the job may be.

Building Permits LI

Building Permits For New and Existing Construction

Are you being harassed by the town for a pre-existing structure on your property? Thinking of adding a deck or sunroom, but don't know what permits are needed to begin construction? Talking to Nassau and Suffolk county expediter Terence Connelly can set you on the right path to town code compliance. Let him file your building permit applications, submit radius maps, and provide you with up to date property and land surveys.

Expediting Long Island specializes in the legalization of pre-existing construction, helping you bring your structure up to code so it passes town inspection with flying colors. Getting your C/O, variance, or sign-off is made fast and easy once you're backed by Terry's intimate knowledge of local LI building codes and regulations.

Home Doctor Roof Doctor Contracting

Contracting and Construction by Home & Roof Doctor

In addition to offering his services as a NY expediter, Terence Connelly's first real love is construction. For over two decades he's been building up Long Island; he started his business through teaching homeowners how to fix leaky roofs, and over the years he's managed to transform The Home and Roof Doctor into one of LI's best and friendliest contracting companies.

Online Roof Consultation

Licensed, insured, trained and experienced, Roof doctor is credited with fixing over 6000 roofs over the course of 15 years on Long Island, all of which were under the direction of Terence Connelly. Call 631-281-0111 for a consultation today!

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